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Women's Pleather Set: Button-Down Blouse & Zippered Skinny Pants Set

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Step into the spotlight with our Metropolitan Allure Pleather Pant Set, a symphony of sophistication and contemporary fashion. This ensemble captures the essence of city chic with its sleek design and sumptuous texture. The long-sleeve button-down blouse, featuring smartly tailored front pockets, combines functionality with high fashion, creating a poised and polished look. Accompanied by form-fitting skinny pants that boast a subtle side zipper, this set is a testament to tailored perfection. Its versatile nature allows it to be dressed up for the office or an upscale event, or dressed down for a casual yet stylish outing. Embrace the confidence that comes with this meticulously crafted set, and let your style speak volumes.

  • Luxurious Pleather Fabric: A high-quality material that mimics leather to perfection, providing an eco-friendly edge to your style without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Elegant Button-Down Blouse: Showcasing a sharp collar, long sleeves, and functional front pockets, this blouse is the epitome of chic versatility.
  • Tailored Skinny Pants: The pants are engineered to hug your curves in all the right places, featuring a side zipper that ensures a smooth silhouette and easy wear.



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