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Striped Cargo Maxi Skirt with Front Slit, Side Pockets, and Front Zipper

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Set sail on a voyage of style with our Striped Cargo Maxi Skirt, where functionality meets the high seas of fashion. This skirt isn't just a garment; it's your ticket to an endless summer, with stripes that capture the essence of nautical adventure and a silhouette that echoes the flow of ocean waves. The front slit is a playful nod to the daring spirit of sea explorers, while the side pockets are as practical as they are chic, ready to stow away your day-to-day treasures. The front zipper is not just a closure; it's a silver streak of modernity that adds a touch of edge to the classic stripe. Whether you're navigating the urban jungle or docking at the marina for a sunset soiree, this skirt is your steadfast companion, ready to whisk you away to the next escapade.

  • Timeless Nautical Stripes: A pattern that speaks of classic maritime charm and effortless elegance.
  • Alluring Front Slit: A tastefully daring detail that adds a hint of allure and enhances mobility.
  • Functional Side Pockets: Deep pockets that offer practicality without disrupting the skirt’s sleek profile.
  • Convenient Front Zipper: A smooth zipper that provides ease of wear while adding a modern touch.



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