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PE-3703 Chic Sleeveless Crop Top with Dazzling Back Fringe Detail

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  • Spectrum of Shades: Available in four captivating hues - regal purple, passionate red, timeless black, and crisp white - catering to every mood and occasion.

  • Fringe Fantasy: Each top is adorned with intricate fringes, adding a touch of drama and dynamism to your ensemble.

  • Back Tie Closure: The red variant features a charming tie closure at the back, balancing style with functionality.

  • Versatile Pairing: Perfectly complementing both jeans for a casual look or a sleek skirt for a more polished appearance.

  • Optimal Comfort: Crafted with a focus on comfort without compromising on style, ensuring you look and feel your best.

For the ultimate look, wear these tops with confidence and let your personality shine through!

UNIT PRICE  $13.50

 SIZE     S - M - L
 PACK   2 -  2  - 2